Come play with us.

So you wanna join a theater company!

Well, maybe West Coast Ensemble Theatre is the one for you.  We’re one of the few companies in town that functions as a true membership ensemble, and we pride ourselves on our dual mission of producing great theater and at the same time providing an arena for our members to grow as artists. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and responsibilities that come with membership in West Coast Ensemble Theatre.


Exclusive Casting. We’re one of the few companies in L.A. that casts exclusively from our membership (unless there is an age or ethnicity requirement that we can’t fulfill from our existing roster). We usually do between four shows a season, so there are plenty of opportunities to audition.

Classes. WCE has a full conservatory of classes available to you free of charge. Classes include scene study, movement for the actor, improv, stage combat, etc. Some classes will require a nominal fee for studio or equipment rental and we will sometimes do a master class with a casting director which we make available to our members at a reduced rate.

Ensemble Night. This is a monthly actor’s gym – a chance for you to do a monologue, a scene,a musical audition piece, whatever. It’s also a chance for you to give us ideas for production – if you’ve always wanted to do LONG DAY’S JOURNEY, put up a scene from it at Ensemble Night and let us check it out.

Director’s Lab. What you REALLY want to do is direct? Bring it on! This is a project-based lab which gives our members the opportunity to check out what it’s like on the other side of things.

Playwright’s Unit. Tired of saying someone else’s words? This informal lab covers all levels of playwriting and is overseen by professional writers working in theater, film and television.

Free Admission. Company members are admitted to all WCE shows (except fundraisers) free of charge.


Technical Assignment. It’s important to us that everyone in the company supports everyone else – that’s the point of being an ensemble. So, we require one technical assignment per calendar year. These assignments include build crew, running crew and house staff positions. Sign-up are posted at least 6 weeks before a show opens, so you can get it on your calendar early.

Company Job. We’re an all-volunteer organization, so we rely on everyone in the company to pull his or her weight to keep the place running. Company jobs usually require approximately five (5) hours of work per month and can be anything from reading plays to stuffing envelopes to cleaning the theater. There are TONS of jobs to choose from, so you can find the job that works the best with your schedule and your skill set.

Dues payment. Dues are $45 per month.

Fundraising. We put the FUN in fundraising! But seriously, we’re non-profit, so we’re CONSTANTLY fundraising. Part of the commitment to this company is committing to all of our fundraising activities including subscription sales, drawings, sending out appeal letters, etc.

Ready to play with us? Send a photo and resume to:

West Coast Ensemble Theatre

PO Box 38728

Los Angeles, CA 90038

ATTN: Membership

Auditions are in June and December, so you’ll hear from us 3-4 weeks before to set up an audition time.  For your audition, we request a scene – please don’t bring in a monologue, unless you absolutely have to (we like to see what you can do onstage with another person).

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West Coast Ensemble is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission