“West Coast Ensemble’s down and dirty production may be rough around the edges, but it delivers the comic goods.”


Critic’s Choice, L.A. Times

“Wonderfully funny and deeply moving ...When this richly evocative material is matched with director Richard Israel’s crisp and flavorful staging, the result is scintillating entertainment.” (ANITA BRYANT DIED FOR YOUR SINS)

The Hollywood Reporter

"The West Coast Ensemble's revival is a smart and finely acted production. In its all-consuming bleakness, "Assassins" makes most recent musicals look like silly theme-park rides by comparison. Yet, it's far from a depressing experience. This complex necrology of the soul transcends its morbid subject matter toward something spiritual and improbably moving."  (ASSASSINS)

L.A. Times

"The venerable West Coast Ensemble appears to have a blockbuster on its hands. Director Nick DeGruccio leads a spirited cast and fabulous design team through the exhilarating fun in this consummately polished West Coast premiere rendition...Sweet, blissfully melodic, hilarious, touching and graced with a touch of social conscience, this is a butt-kicking summertime treat." (ZANNA, DON’T!)

  1. -The Hollywood Reporter

“A  rollicking new comedy.  As for the unforgettable comic timing of (director Henry) Polic and his cast it should be bottled and sold as souvenirs.” (TWO GENTLEMEN OF CORONA)

Critic’s Choice, L.A. Times

"Set in an underground cave, this edgy musical is wonderfully realized at West Coast Ensemble. Richard Israel's direction is sure and savvy as he is able to cut away deftly and assuredly from the trapped Floyd below and the circus above ... a thoughtful, spellbinding musical."  (FLOYD COLLINS)

The Hollywood Reporter

"Superior Seurat! West Coast Ensemble is finally mounting the Los Angeles premiere of this Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, and surprisingly, their small, intimate treatment makes us identify more personally with the protagonists than the lavish New York production ever did."  (SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE)


"Under Claudia Jaffee's inspired direction, this account of the Joad family's Depression-era migration from Oklahoma to California revels in exceptional comprehension from everyone involved, demonstrating that ingenuity has no price tag ... their superb contribution is the paramount element elevating this deeply moving presentation to the status of company watershed."  (THE GRAPES OF WRATH)

Critic's Choice, Los Angeles Times

"Epic Proportions is laugh out loud funny from beginning to end .. The writers and actors follow one of the most important commandments of comedy: Make it funny. And they succeed brilliantly." (EPIC PROPORTIONS)

Critic's Pick, BackStage West

“A beautiful production …the images are often as strong as the words.” (THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK)

Critic’s Pick, BackStage West

“Jules Aaron has met the challenge of staging the hit musical at a new venue with a new cast. If you’re feeling lonely for live entertainment, you couldn’t find yourself in better ‘Company’.  (COMPANY)

Critic’s Choice, Los Angeles Times

"... a mesmerizing production in its simplicity and wit ... what a treat to see such a lovely piece done by this talented company. Bravo!"  (ELEEMOSYNARY)

Critic's Choice, Los Angeles Times

 critics’ quotes
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